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Technical Tour

DATE & TIME October25, 13:30~17:00(Approx. 3.30 hours)
ITINERARY GSCO (Conference Venue) ⇒ Daesang Corporation Gunsan Plant ⇒ Rural Development Administration ⇒ GSCO (Conference Venue)
APPLICATION E-mail to ISNFF 2017 Secretariat at isnff2017@gmail.com.
(please let us know your name, affiliation, and e-mail address)

Daesang Corporation Gunsan plant

Add. 208, Oehanh1-gil, Soryong-dong, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do

With the vision of “leaping towards becoming an international, leading bio company”, Bio Global Business of Daesang Corporation is organized of R&D, Gunsan plant, international & domestic sales and indirect support department, and has been playing the role as the Mecca of bioindustry since its foundation based on the corporate culture of ‘human respect’, ‘customer satisfaction’ and ‘social contribution’.

As the center of the fermentation industry of Korea, Gunsan plant is developing into the production base for various fermentation products based on its state of the art facilities and the best technologies, and it is concentrating its efforts in expanding its overseas market share by equipping itself with international competitiveness in terms of quality and cost such as collecting, refining and processing based on its core fermentation technology.

Rural Development Administration - National Institute of Agricultural Sciences

Add. 166, Nongsaengmyeong-ro, Iseo-myeon, Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do 55365

As the global economy has started to worry about 'growth' and 'environment' at the same time, our administration has promoted 'Low Carbon, Green Growth' as the nation's future vision. Agriculture is not only an essential industry that supports food production for mankind's survival, but also it provides the appropriate roles for the protection of the environment and leads to establishing green industry to balance the environmental processes such as supplying oxygen and preserving ecosystem biodiversity.

Rural Development Administration(RDA) was established in 1962 as a matrix of encouragement model of industry, and it has contributed to the development of Korean Agriculture such as 'Green Revolution' for self-sufficiency in staple grains, and has led 'White Revolution' to enjoy fresh vegetables in four seasons. However, Korean agriculture has had a harder time than ever, under the rough agricultural market-opening pressure through FTA(Free Trade Agreement) after the Uruguay round came out

Making a proactive stance, RDA has focused its effort for the improvement and advancement of Korean agriculture despite existence of non-favorable market environment and pressure.

NAS under RDA consists of 6 departments and 1 center, with 508 staff and serves for various research & development undertakings all over the country, guided by the national agricultural directions.