When you make a hotel reservation, you often need to give a credit card number. This will secure your reservation, meaning the hotel will be able to charge you a cancellation fee if you don’t show. When you reserve your room, the hotel does not charge your card.
Check In and Check Out
When you check in, the hotel will ask for a credit card to guarantee extra charges, known as incidentals, but it will not run a charge. You can use a different card than the one you used to make your reservation and a different one than you plan to use when you check out. When you check out, the hotel charges your credit card, whether you visit the front desk or not. Check your bill closely before you leave to make sure you aren't charged incorrectly.
When you make a payment, the hotel will charge with local currency which is Korean Won (KRW)
** It can be changeable

Accommodation Info

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Reservations Process
  1. Making a reservation via
  2. Receiving email reservation confirmation form
  3. Sending Email of valid credit card information written in the reservation confirmation form within 24hours
  4. Receive email Hotel Voucher

1. Reservationist Information

* Name
* Gender
* E-mail
* Please input your E-mail address correctly.
  Reservation confirmation & hotel voucher will be sent to you by email.
* Country
* Direct Contact Number
* Password

2. Hotel Reservation

* Hotel
* Check-in date * Check-out date
* Room Type
/ Price per room per night
  • * Breakfast is not included in room rate.
* Accompanying Person Name of Accompanying Person
* Breakfast KRW 8,000 × Arrival time
Special Request

Room rate (KRW)
Breakfast rate (KRW) * You have not selected breakfast.
Total rate (KRW)