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Gunsan Saemangeum Convention Center, GSCO,
the core hub of Saemangeum global business.

Ranked world’s longest man-made sea dyke of 33 kilometers long, Saemangeum has been added an area of about 400 km² (roughly two-thirds the size of Seoul) to the Korean peninsula, making it one of the biggest land reclamation projects in history.

This place will be equipped national largest industrial complex with high, green technology until 2020 which takes the head of successful business in the future.

Moreover, with most of dynamic development, Saemangeum has its growing potential to be a strategic positioning for Yellow Sea Rim and it is attracting a lot of interest among the world business.


  • Tel.+82-63-468-1880
  • Fax.+82-63-468-4265
  • Address437, Saemangeumbuk-ro, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea